Need materials for your next move? Maybe you are just looking for some boxes and packing tape to help load your storage unit.

Sure Safe Storage has got you covered. We have a wide selection of Packing supplies and materials to help you move and pack better!

Successful packing needs the right moving supplies. As The Real Storage Experts, we offer quality packing supplies.


Box TypeBox SizeBox Price
Book Carton(12 x 12 x 12)$1.25
Small Carton(16 3/8” x 12 5/8” x 12 5/8’)$1.70
Medium Carton(18” x 18” x 16”)$2.35
Large Carton(24” x 18” x 18”)$3.00
X-Large Carton(24” x 18” x 24”)$3.75
Dish Barrel Box(18” x 18” x 28”)$5.45
24" Wardrobe(24” x 21 ½” x 47 3/4”)$11.95
Space Saver Wardrobe(21” x 18” x 46”)$9.95
Laydown Wardrobe(36” x 21” x 10”)$6.25
Microwave Box(24” x 24” x 20”)
TV Box(24” x 24” x 20”)
Electronics Box(20” x 20” X 12”)
Sport Utility Box(15” x 15” x 48”)$5.95
Large Frame(33” x 8” x 42”)$5.00
Small Frame(25” x 8” x 33”)$4.00
Picture Mirror Box (4 pcs)(40” x 60”)$6.00
Tall Lamp(13” x 13” x 48”)$5.00
Small Lamp(12” x 12” x 40”)$4.95
Movers Blanket(72” x 80”)$20.00
File Box with Lid$3.00


Supply TypeSupply Price
Clear Tape (110 yards)$2.00
Tape (2 pack w/dispenser)$5.25
Wrapping Paper$8.80
Large Bubble$4.05
Small Bubble$4.05
5” Plastic Stretch Wrap$5.95
Saf-T Pak/Glasses (12 pouches/divider)$8.00
Saf-T Pak/Dishes (24 pouches/divider)$8.00
Glass Pack Kit (18 pouches/divider w/box)$10.20
Dish Saver Kit (32 pouches/divider w/box)$10.20
Chair Cover (2 per pack)$5.00
Sofa Cover$5.00
Twin or Full Mattress Cover$4.00
Queen Mattress Cover$5.00
King Mattress Cover
Utility Knife$1.19
4-way Flat Tester$3.95
7-way Adapter-Round to 4-way Flat$12.95
Tie Down Rope (3/16” x 50’)$2.99
Braided Twine-30 Yards$2.50
Sisal Rope$2.49
Forearm Forklift Moving Straps$24.95
Tarps (9ft x 12ft)$9.59